What is ZzoommM

A powerfull massager

The ZzoommM Smart One massager features the new innovative ZzoommM Sense Touch technology. The massage head can move along and vibrate when the head of this massager comes into contact with the body. This brings you close to professional massage techniques.

The ZzoommM Smart One is compact, wireless, silent, has 5 unique massage programs and is USB rechargeable.
ZzoommM wants to satisfy its customers with the best service; Not for nothing, we, as one of the few suppliers in our industry, give one year warranty!

The ZzoommM Smart One comes with a luxury storage box, charger, instruction manual and one year warranty.

Order the original Zzoommm Smart One now for € 79,00

Erotic zones

The ZzoommM massager is commonly used for many different kinds of body parts and the (external) stimulation of the erotic zones of the body. What’s healthier than relaxing and losing all your stress? Recommended by many to completely relax in this way. Be Happy and Healty!

Vibration & Massage

The Zoommm vibrator can vibrate and massage. Convenient for massaging body parts and pampering the intimate spots.

One-touch operation

With the handy ‘mode button’, you control the ZzoommM vibrator with one press of the button. The ZzoommM vibrator has various positions.


When you use the ZzoommM vibrator, you hardly hear him. This way you can focus yourself on the massage.

Enjoy Extra Long

Thanks to the high capacity battery you can enjoy extra long.

light & Compact

The ZzoommM vibrator is light and compact and therefore easy to use and easy to store.

multi Position

The ZzoommM vibrator can be used in different ways and at different angles.